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We recognize that all of our patients are unique and deserve to receive orthodontic care that reflects their individual needs. Our experienced and talented team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding orthodontic experience every time you visit our practice.

We are pleased to welcome you and your family, and we look forward to working with you.


staff member

Diagnostic Imaging Technician

I assist Dr. O'Leary with bandings, sterilization, oral hygiene instructions, and help with completion of patient treatment. I love asking our patients how their day is going and hearing what exciting things they have planned for their weekend. I work with fabulous people who laugh and learn new things every day. Dr. O'Leary makes the staff feel like family. He is very understanding and caring to all the patients and staff. He enjoys what he does and that reflects onto our patients.

My husband Jimmy and I have one son named Wyatt and a daughter named Taylor. We also have a beagle named Dixie. In my free time, I enjoy reading good books, doing arts and crafts, and spending time on the lake with my wonderful family.


staff member

Certified Orthodontic Technician

I help assist Dr. O'Leary with chairside appointments such as bandings and bonding appliances. I help with sterilization of instruments and also educate our patients on proper care for their braces. I really enjoy meeting our new patients and their families. We love to laugh and have a good time at the office. I believe that is what makes this such a wonderful place to work.

I am married to my husband Karl, and we have one daughter Maren and one handsome son Harrison. We also have two dogs, Max and Diesel. I love watching movies of any kind, doing crafts, and family time with my daughter. I also enjoy reading books and taking Diesel on walks and jogs.

Lauren B.

staff member

Certified Orthodontic Technician

I assist Dr. O'Leary with bondings and bandings, cementing of appliances, patient adjustments, and education of oral hygiene. I really enjoy interacting with our patients of all ages and knowing that I'm involved in improving something as important as someone's smile and self-confidence is the ultimate bonus. Having fun and being personable helps to keep our patients at ease and ensures that their experience is as pleasurable as possible. All of our employees are truly friends, both in and out of the office. We never miss a chance to laugh and I really feel that translates in our relationship with our patients.

My husband's name is Jonathan and I have a Double Dapple Dachshund named Ryder who demands my full attention and a sweet, energetic mix named Bogart. I love home projects and repairs, gardening, and yard work. Cooking is as much my passion as eating!


staff member

Certified Orthodontic Technician and Treatment Coordinator

I assist Dr. O'Leary with bonding, help complete patient treatment, and educate our patients on their treatment. I love getting to know our patients and working with our wonderful team. We always have so much fun in our office. Everyone that works here loves to laugh! Dr. O’Leary is a wonderful person and a great orthodontist. He cares for his patients, and his staff, like family.

My husband Paul and I have three children, Caroline, Katy, and Paul-Joseph, and two dogs named Bud and Miley. When I’m not in the office, I enjoy playing tennis, horseback riding, and being a mom.


staff member

Certified Orthodontic Technician

I have been in orthodontics for more than 20 years. I assist Dr. O'Leary with putting on braces, help complete patient treatment, and educate our patients on hygiene and the overall health of their teeth. I love getting to know my patients along with their families. Watching them grow up and change into teenagers during our treatment time is my favorite thing about my job. Dr. O'Leary is great to work for. He is very laid back and such a perfectionist. He does beautiful work. I love working here because of the amazing staff. We all get along so well together-it makes the patients feel more at ease.

I have a wonderful husband Stephen and two amazing kids, Reese and Ryann. We spend lots of time during summer at the lake. We stay on the go, but I am always happy to spend time with my family.


staff member

Financial Coordinator

I am the financial coordinator for Dr. O'Leary. I handle all of the insurance and finances and have been in the orthodontic field for more than 20 years. I love getting to know all of our patients and parents and assisting them with their financial needs and questions. We have an amazing team that I love working with.

I live in the northeast part of Columbia with my two dogs and three cats. I have three children and five grandchildren with whom I love spending time. I also love to shop and work in the yard on the weekends.


staff member

Scheduling Coordinator

I am the scheduling coordinator for Dr. O'Leary. I am one of the first people you will see when you come into our office. I love greeting our patients and parents. We have a wonderful atmosphere here at O'Leary Orthodontics. I hope our patients can see how much fun we have working here. I am known around the office as “Gilly.” The girls and Dr. O'Leary gave me that nickname when I started working here, and it just stuck! We have a great staff that is like family to me.

When I am not at the office, I enjoy riding horses and tending to the many animals I have at home. I love to take my horse on long scenic trail rides. I enjoy the outdoors very much. I try to go to as many outdoor music concerts as I can.


staff member

Certified Orthodontic Technician

I assist Dr. O'Leary chairside with placing braces and adjustments, as well as sterilization. I absolutely love what I do and have been in orthodontics for about 25 years. The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the changes in our young patients' personalities as their teeth are straightened, and the confidence that they gain as their smile improves. I love working with Dr. O and this staff. We are all like one big family!

I have three beautiful daughters and six amazing grandchildren whom I adore. I also have two Pomeranian puppies named Lizzie and Lucy. In my spare time, I enjoy taking care of my dad, gardening, cooking, and of course playing with my furry babies!


staff member

Certified Orthodontic Technician

I am the newest member of the O'Leary Ortho team, and I assist Dr. O'Leary with all of your orthodontic needs. I help to place braces on your teeth, change wires and colored ties, and remove your braces when it's time to unveil your beautiful new smile. I truly love doing what I do because I get to follow my patients' treatment from start to finish. It makes me so happy to know that I helped to make a difference in your life by straightening your smile! Dr. O and all of the staff work effortlessly among each other and welcomed me with open arms from the moment I started. Their compassion for patients and each other makes the office thrive, and they all share a family-like bond that truly makes the office feel like home.

I recently married my husband David and we have three pets: two dogs named Maddy and Lily, and a cat named Sofie. In my free time, I enjoy spending time by my pool, playing with my animals, and cooking.

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